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Matronatación prenatal

What does Pre-natal Matroswimming program consist of?
What are the special features of aquatic preparation?
Why is it said that Pre-natal Matroswimming offers “affective containment” to the family?
Is there any Post-natal guide?
When may I start?
What are the requirements for registration?
Why are pool water and the facilities safe?
Until when can I attend classes?
Why does Pre-natal Matroswimming improve Post-delivery period?
When may we come back to School with our baby?

What does Pre-natal Matroswimming program consist of?

Pre-natal Matroswimming is a method created by Dr. Patricia Cirigliano for the preparation of expecting moms. It has been specially designed within the most favourable environment that can be imagined: the aquatic environment (warm, covering up, soft and relaxing).

Always in the pool, expecting moms will get information on the different stages of pregnancy, and they will learn to control breathing and to extend their lung capacity, they will have fun by playing while they will be exercising the muscular groups necessary during delivery. They will also acquire relaxation techniques that will contribute to a successful childbirth in the best way as possible.

What are the special features of aquatic preparation?

Pre-natal Matroswiming is far more advantageous than traditional approaches. The aquatic environment favours relaxation, stimulates breathing, offers soft and adequate resistance to exercise specific muscles and creates pleasing physical and psychological conditions.

Certainly, you will experience the best delivery and post-delivery conditions!

Why is it said that Pre-natal Matroswimming offers “affective containment” to the family?

Because during class-time expecting moms can express their typical anxiety, fear and fantasies. In addition, professional containment transforms each class into a desired meeting to share.

Is there any Post-natal guide?

During the classes, physical and psychological preparation is as important as initial interaction between mother-child and mother-father-child and the prompt recovery of physical condition that benefits the couple interrelation.

It must be taken into account that maternal activity has a continuum with baby’s aquatic initiation during the first weeks after childbirth. (See Matroswimming for Babies).

When may I start?

With the previous authorization of the obstetrician who supervises the pregnant mother, she can start as from the 12th. week of pregnancy. The sooner she begins, the more notorious the effects will be on breathing capacity, concentration ability and voluntary relaxation.

As pregnancy develops, Pre-natal Matroswimming brings about better rest possibility through posture improvement, unnecessary tension elimination and sleep harmonization.

On top of this, Pre-natal Matroswimming helps mothers to get a successful suckling experience and enhances loving familiar interchange since mothers are accurately and happily prepared for childbirth.

What are the requirements for registration?

In order to register only the following will be needed: a certificate issued by the supervising obstetrician stating the number of weeks of pregnancy, if the pregnancy has developed normally, and special instructions or prohibitions, if any. It must expressly authorize the expecting mom to start Matroswimming.

We are ready to assist you!

Then at the First Argentine Swim School for Babies doctor’s office the routine exams will be performed to use the facilities. These exams are done once a month.

Why are pool water and the facilities safe?

Because design, construction and equipment have been provided according to safety and comfort hygienic standards and criteria in order to meet parents´ and babies´ needs.

Furthermore, we observe a strict hygiene and bleach is used in every room: reception, changing room, toilettes, shower room, pool and hair-drying room.

Likewise, temperature is the accurate one both within and outside pool area and pool water is constantly filtered. Bacteriologic analyses are performed on a weekly basis insuring water purity by using only first-class products.

Finally, families attending classes at our School commit themselves to comply with the Rules in order to guaranty the best care of the facilities that will be used by them.

Until when can I attend classes?

The obstetrician will establish the date. In most cases, expecting moms attend classes until the last week of pregnancy.

Why does Pre-natal Matroswimming improve Post-delivery period?

The feminine organism goes through a true revolution since the moment of conception. Afterwards, childbirth will produce a new hormonal and psycho-physic revolution.

Spirit and body will be subject to constant changes. Each instant will be different for the baby and the mother. By working during pregnancy in order to cope with such changes physically and psychologically, expecting moms are building future interchanges with their babies and their husbands, while paving the way to proper physical recovery.

The uterus that widened in order to offer a suitable enclosure for the baby’s development will return to its usual size. Breathing and muscular contraction-relaxation capacity will help to maximize blood circulation in order to burn overweight and enrich suckling on which the baby depends.

Harmonious movements will make you look more beautiful after the hard work you have done during previous months. Before having the baby in your arms you will have learnt how to handle and hold it and how to receive it.

By being well prepared you will sleep and wake up better. You must bear in mind that by resting properly you calm down the baby. Additionally, interchange with your husband will improve and your high self-esteem will benefit your family.

Further information may be found at:

Our Pre-natal Matroswimming method has been created with the purpose to help in achieving a happy pregnancy and a happier post-natal period. Remain assured that by getting properly prepared you are already a good mom and dad.

What else can a baby ask for?

When may we come back to School with our baby?

With the prior authorization by the pediatrician, once the umbilical chord has been lost, your baby can start together with you and in its father’s arms.

More information on this initiation in Initiation for Babies

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