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1. Who will teach us Matroswimming™?
2. Which will be the parents´ role?
3. Is our pediatrician´s opinion important?
4. What is Pre-natal Matroswimming?
5. What is Baby-Fitness?
6. Why do we say that “Swimming is learnt by playing™”?
7. Is this a lifelong learning?
8. When do children swim with style?
9. Do baby swimmers develop their intelligence better?
10. Does an active life increase immunologic reserves?
11. Why does Matroswimming ™ improve feeding and sleeping habits?
12. Will Matroswimming™ prevent our child from suffering accidents?
13. Will our child share classes with other children?
14. Why is the School for the exclusive use of babies and their parents?
15. To get further info….


Who will teach us Matroswimming™?

Teachers belonging to the First Argentine Swim School for Babies staff are graduates from the I.S.E.F.I. All of them have a broad background acquired in our School and they have made the post-graduate career on Matroswimming Specialization and Infant Aquatic Education with official degree.

Which will be the parents´ role?

Parents will transmit the joy and confidence to their children allowing them to play in the water. Games will require parents´ active participation and they will enjoy classes as much as their children and will learn the main Aquatic Safety Standards by practicing them every weekly class.

Is the pediatrician´s opinion important?

Family’s pediatrician knows the baby better than anyone else; therefore he or she is the only one able to decide when each child is ready to start Matroswimming classes. In general, the pediatrician´s certification and the vaccination plan up to date are enough for the baby (from 15 days old onwards) to start. Once a month the pediatrician´s certificate will be renewed and presented to the School Medical Department which will be in charge of parents´ control for them to enter the pool.

Only people in good health condition are able to take a Matroswimming™ class, that’s why there is no risk of infectious or contagious disease.

What is Pre-natal Matroswimming?

It is a program designed for aquatic pre-natal preparation and which can be taken jointly with traditional courses. The expecting mom can start as from the third month onwards with the previous obstetrician’s authorization.

Classes include information and support to see to typical expectations, fears and fantasies during pregnancy.

During each weekly class they will work especially on concentration, breathing and relaxation, while practicing exercises for the muscles in general and particularly for the perineum, bearing in mind the delivery effort and mother’s recovery after childbirth.

Furthermore, parents are advised on the early interaction with the newly born baby.

What is baby-fitness?

It is an integrated program that includes Baby Gym (Bebé Gym™) and Matroswimming™. Baby Gym is designed for mother’s exercise to restore her psycho-physical welfare while furnishing her child with sensory and motor stimulation through gym bodily games aimed at a sane and happy growth and development.

Why is it said that “Swimming is learnt by playing™”?

Loving presence, singing, parents´ firm and trusted holding, sharing the class with other babies and warm and clear water enclosure during each family meeting, when the family can play without pressure, are characteristic of these meetings that make Matroswimming™ a happy exchange during which it is proved that babies are capable of swimming.

Is this a life-long learning?

In Matroswimming™, babies learn, class after class, skills that they will never forget. In little longer than a month, they will acquire breathing control under water, a vital factor in case of accident for his or her own benefit. As it is known, riding a bike or a horse, skating and swimming is learnt once and forever.

When do children swim with style?

Swimmer babies, when 5 years old, are capable of swimming reasonable distances and practicing self-care routines. Dad and Mom, however, will assume full responsibility during their whole childhood for their safety and survival.

Do swimmer babies develop their intelligence better?

Latest research has uncovered the important role of games and motor activities as from birth in order to improve brain growth and intelligent associations. Early start of aquatic sports fosters coordination and balance. Swimming experience helps children to be braver and more prudent; since they know more accurately their own limits, the aquatic environment and that the presence of adult people to supervise them is a must if they are to enjoy pool activities.

Does an active life increase immunologic reserves?

Active games will increase at present and in the future children’s immunologic reserves and they will be stronger to defend themselves against infections and environment aggressions. Every organism and organic functions will benefit from early Matroswimming™ practice.

Why does Matroswimming™ improve feeding and sleeping habits?

Babies need to display their energy and it will not be enough to remain in somebody’s arms or playing in their beds. Infant learning potential is extraordinary and must be taken advantage of since early development. Matroswimming™ is one of these resources to enhance feeding and sleeping.

Will Matroswimming™ prevent our child from suffering accidents?

This is undoubtedly so. As form the first class, the whole family will start learning, through safe water games, care rules, how to avoid risky behaviour, holding techniques, supervising babies and young children near and inside water and how to react in case of unexpected plunges.

It must be remembered that unforeseen or unknown events give way to panic, so in order to avoid this, within an affective context and with professional effective assistance, babies learn not to swallow or breathe water, to seek for the surface to float and to stay calm until being rescued.

Will our child share the classes with other children?

One of Matroswimming™ benefits is to promote child´s early socialization accompanied by his or her parents in order to pave the way for kindergarten adaptation without need of any other step. Babies recognize their pool friends by sharing weekly sessions while increasing their self-confidence and trust in the others.

Why is the School for the exclusive use of babies and their parents?

Because facilities design, construction and equipment has been made according to hygienic, safety and comfort standards and criteria for the sole use of babies and their parents.

Besides, child control is made by the pediatrician while parents control is made by the School Medical Department. Hygiene rules are strictly observed and bleach is used in every room: reception, wardrobe, changing room, sanitary facilities, shower rooms, pool and hair-drying room. Temperature is appropriate within and outside the pool area, and pool water is continuously filtered and bacteriologic analyses are made on a weekly basis to test water purity.

In addition, families attending classes at the First Argentine Swim School for Babies commit themselves to respect the Internal Regulations in order to guaranty the best care of the environment designed for their own use.

To get further info…

Contact us from Tuesdays to Fridays from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm and from 3.00 pm to 7.30 pm and Saturdays from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm. Telephone: 4785-565 and 4783-3976 at Soldado de la Independencia 1352 (C1426BTT) City of Buenos Aires.
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